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"Foggy Night Doll House"

 投稿者:   投稿日:2014年12月31日(水)01時32分40秒
  通報 編集済
  "Foggy Night Doll House"

The unit which does that I do not lose unless I send the foreign countries to the field of vision because there is returnee children-like Grotesque Athena. I do not lose!

<VO/ dance / is various>
:Grotesque Athena https://twitter.com/dokuroluna
It is stage appearance, picture appearance, a sometimes mysterious subject in accessories clothes design production, the name of branch / gel nail specialist Lucy by a brand name of grotesque Athena. After having appeared, school of fashiondesign of Massachusetts is a graduate from a fashion design department. The person who carries out the expression that is the corruption, worship of beauty, a fantasy thoroughly

<theremin /VO >
:Kaiki-nittsyoku-shintaro https://twitter.com/hibikutooku
The best theremin in Japan player that I have several theremins, and probably the
best theremin in Japan is usable.
Editing it cannot imitate the sound of the guitar because of abnormality and it is a very beautiful sound.
We have the singing voice in the basics kindly, too. but the contents… Drum in the position band "やぁ, God ぼくだよ" others

<beautiful sound source / Drum>
:Mazelna-kiken http://matome.naver.jp/odai/2137007883809934601
I am in charge of a pail and a drum

<Drum including the carrier>
: hayashi-Forest https://twitter.com/tomo_rammstein
I use a discerning carry-on drum! The drummer of various bands!
It becomes the dangerous feeling again simply because there is a drum two. .


sound of a world top-level theremin or a splendid dancing poem and a speaking beautiful appear

☆;+;。・゚・。;+;☆;+;。・゚・。;+;☆;+;。・゚・。;+;☆;+;。・゚・。;+;☆ 。.。:+* ゚ ゜

Concert information:

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